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Mini Camper

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Volkswagen Caddy camperizada para 2 personas.

487cm X 179cm


2 personas

102 CV

Mini Camper is our most price friendly and agile rental Camper, with its reduced dimensions and high mileage, it drives like a car and offers the necessary equipment to make our vacations much more comfortable if you are traveling as a couple.

With a modern interior, Mini Camper has air conditioning, power steering and a last generation high mileage Diesel engine. It’s the ideal sidekick for those who want a ”first time camping experience” without any hassles, with a vehicle as drivable as an everyday car.

Mini Camper is a two seater, with a complete camping module in the back, where you will find a compressor fridge, a water deposit, etc. Once you unfold the back seat, it will turn into a 120cm x 190cm double bed, perfect for a couple.