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A unique experience

Motorhome rentals

If you are looking to rent a motorhome, Somport Caravaning makes it easy for you!

All our motorhomes are less than one year old and in perfect condition. Our rates are transparent, with no hidden costs.

We know that your goal is to enjoy the trip, and ours is that you have a fantastic, hassle-free vacation. All you have to do is fill the gas tank.

Therefore, we also offer an exclusive service of trip planning. If you want to experience the real essence of traveling in a motorhome/life on the road, do not hesitate to contact us!

Now you know where to find us! For details, check out our website. Inquire about our rental prices! Check out our motorhomes and choose the one you like the most; then, check the dates that best suit you, and start experiencing an adventure of a lifetime!

We are waiting for you!

choose the one you like

5 different motorhome models to choose from, accustomed to your needs, so you can escape to the beach, mountain or around town

best quality

All our motorhomes as are like new, less than one year old; they are inspected after each rental and leased in perfect condition (in terms of cleanliness and mechanics)

trip planner

We know the surroundings, and we offer a trip plan to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your trip. We can provide you with information on where to park overnight and suggest wonderful places to tour.

Travel wherever the flyer takes you

Experience the freedom of life on the road

the mountains

A few kilometers away from the Pyrenees of Huesca, you’ll find glacier lakes, summits, and beautiful routes, full of flora and fauna. You will be able to park your motorhome in dream-like places.

the beach

In less than 3 hours, you can reach the seafront and find yourself on long dreamy beaches or beautiful coves, having different options on where to spend the night.

riding around Spain

Spend the night at a castle; in a medieval village, or a monastery … there are magical places to discover around you!

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